Services and Support for Our Members

We endeavour to provide a range of services for local veterans and their families, especially members of Toowoomba Sub Branch. Our 'Veterans' Hub' has provided us with more opportunities to expand the services and support we offer. These are only made possible through the events of our team of volunteers. As a member of the Sub Branch or the Citizens' Auxiliary, you and your family are welcome to avail yourself of any of the services listed below. 

Become a part of our organisation or support our work by Joining the RSL, or get in touch by Contacting Us.


You're welcome at 'The Hub'

Our Sub Branch HQ is a relaxed welcoming space. It's up to you whether you join in any of the activities or just call in for a cuppa and a friendly chat. Our front porch is a great place for a coffee with your mates. Maybe you need a quiet corner to sit and read, or table space to do some work. Come along and make yourself at home. Free tea/coffee always available. Families are welcome too - we have a kids' corner inside and a fully fenced backyard.


Garage Night

If you visit our Hub and hear the name 'Flying Pineapple' we are referring to the project car some of our members have been working on. The Flying Pineapple has been restored complete with awesome paint job by the members of the Young Veteran's Race Team. The members of the Race Team have some exciting plans to continue racing. Workshop evenings are held at The Hub every Thursday so come along, meet our Young Veterans over the free BBQ, and have a tinker around. 

For motoring enthusiasts, how about challenging yourself with our race simulator which was recently installed. Can you set the fastest lap time in our friendly competition?



Tool Lending Library

The Sub Branch has a collection of gardening and maintenance tools which have been donated to us. These are available to hire from The Hub so if you have a task to do around the house and don't have the tool for the job, just ask and we may be able to help. 


'Keen Kayakers'

There is nothing more relaxing than spending a day on the water, maybe wetting a line or getting some low impact exercise. We have a 2 person fishing kayak  for the use of our members. Please enquire at the Sub Branch office. 


'Flying High'

Ever heard of a UAV? Maybe you know them better as drones. We have some professional grade UAVs and have set up as a registered UAV operator. Sub Branch members can use these drones to film family events, holidays or just learn about this fun new technology.

As a registered operator, we can tender and complete works such as site surveys, commercial photography, roof inspections, etc. Our concept is to assist veterans to find work in a growing industry. 


'Skill at Arms'

In association with the Toowoomba Sporting Shooters, we hold regular range days at the Captain's Mountain Shooting Complex. Our Sub Branch has access to four rifles so non-owners are also welcome to come along and try their skills in a friendly relaxed environment. 


Sub Branch Vehicle

We have a 12 seater Toyota Hiace which is used to provide welfare for our members but is also available for use by members in return for a donation. Perhaps you have a family event coming up and would like to travel together or belong to a group which needs a medium size vehicle now and again for outings. Our bus is automatic and can be driven by any registered driver. 


Military Merchandise

We have a large range of merchandise covering all conflicts as well as ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day specific items which make ideal gifts for all ages or would appeal to the military collector. All funds from the sale of merchandise throughout the year including our regular community stalls leading up to ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day are used to support our services to local veterans. 


Pensions and Welfare Service

Trained advocates are available to assist all members to access their entitlements through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, and/or to offer a guiding hand in obtaining other pension and welfare services. The Pensions and Welfare Service, located in the RSL Western District Branch Inc. office at 126 South St, Centenary Heights, is staffed by experienced advocates who are available by appointment. To access this service, please contact Michael Boyd, Regional Coordinator, Veteran Services on (07) 4687 4906 or email


Visiting Team

A small team of volunteers is happy to visit our members who may be unable to leave their homes, including residential aged care facilities. We also offer a friendly visit to local veterans as well as those from around the district, who may be hospitalised. This service extends to St Vincent's Toowoomba and St. Andrew's Toowoomba hospitals. 


Funeral and Bereavement Team

An important role that Toowoomba RSL Sub Branch Inc. fulfills is to ensure that our veterans are given appropriate recognition as part of their final farewell. The Funeral Team will officiate at a Poppy Service and will, upon request, deliver a eulogy which acknowledges the deceased veteran’s service. This team is overseen by one of our members, Mr Jim Danskin.



Friday Evening Catchup

Relax and unwind at the end of a busy week. All members, ex-service personnel, current serving members and their guests are welcome to drop in to The Hub on Friday evenings from 5pm - 8pm (except when closed over Christmas/New Year) for a friendly chat, delicious finger food and drinks (alcoholic / non-alcoholic). This is a great way to meet your fellow members and learn about the latest happenings.

Don't forget to use the off street carpark in Nell E. Robinson Park next door to The Hub.


'Carry On' Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter provides members with all the latest information and articles about the life of the Sub Branch and other items of interest. It is distributed by email or post. Contributions and suggestions are always welcome.


Facebook & Instagram

You can keep up to date with all the latest happenings and Sub Branch news on our Facebook page - - or our Instagram page - 




Our community merchandise stalls are always popular. They give everyone a chance to show their support for, and gratitude to, our military personnel, both current and ex-serving. Stalls are held in the lead up to ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day each year at Bunnings Toowoomba North (Ruthven St) and at the Harvey Norman Computer Superstore on Ruthven St south. You can browse through a great range of military merchandise including badges, key rings, coffee mugs, drink coolers, soft toys and of course poppies (red, purple or white). We carry a range of purple poppy items to commemorate the service of animals in war. 

If you can't make it to the stalls, orders can be emailed to the Secretary or by phoning 07 4632 3506.

All proceeds go towards supporting our local veterans and their families through a variety of welfare programs.



1. Single Stem Wire Poppies

$1 each

(a) Traditional Red Flanders Poppy
(b) White Peace Poppy
(c) Purple Poppy for Animals in War

2. Cloth Pin On Poppies

$2 each

(a) Traditional Red Flanders Poppy
(b) White Peace Poppy
(c) Purple Poppy for Animals in War

3. Wristbands

$2 each

(a) 'Pause To Remember' White with Red Poppy
(b) 'Remember In November' Blue with Red Print
(c) 'Remember' Blue with Services Profile

4. Pens

$2 each

(a) 'Remember' White with Red Soft Grip
(b) 'November 11' Modern Style

5. Wreath Badges

$5 each

(a) Resting on Reversed Arms Red Poppy
(b) Going down of the sun
(c) 'We will remember them' Poppy Wreath

6. Badges

$5 each

(a) 3 Stem Poppy
(b) 'Remember Their Service' Poppy & Rosemary
(c) Silver Rosemary Sprig

7. Badges

$5 each

(a) 'Remember' Tri Service Profile
(b) 'Remember Their Service' Silver with Red & Purple Poppies
(c) World War I Digger 1914-18 on Red Poppy Background

8. Badges

$5 each

(a) Peace Dove with Poppy
(b) Modern Style Red Poppy

9. Badges

$5 each

(a) 'Remember Their Service' Red/Purple Poppies
(b) Purple Poppy Animal Silhouette
(c) Purple Poppy Stem - Commemorating Animals in War

10. Badges

$5 each

(a) Australian Veteran Flag
(b) Australian Army Veteran (Navy & Air Force Veteran also available)
(c) Remember Our Veterans Round Flag

11. Badges

$5 each

(a) Navy Crest with Poppy
(b) Army Rising Sun with Poppy
(c) RAAF Crest with Poppy

12. ANZAC Pride Badges

$5 each

(a) Bronze Slouch Hat (Light Horse Hat with Plumes also available)
(b) Charge at Beersheba Round Bronze

13. Poppy Ribbon Badges

Always popular!!

$5 each

(a) World War I
(b) World War II
(c) Korea
(d) Vietnam
(e) Iraq

14. Afghanistan


Cloth Key Tag
$10 each


Poppy Ribbon Badge
$5 each


15. Service Key Rings

Quality Metal with Gold Finish

$10 each

(a) Air Force Crest
(b) Army Rising Sun
(c) Navy Crest

16. Metal Key Rings

$5 each

(a) Slouch Hat on Green Background
(b) HMAS Sydney/C. Light Horseman on Burgundy Background
(c) Poppies & Rosemary
(d) Original ANZAC Rising Sun/F. Super Hornet

17. Key Rings with Charms

$10 each

(a) Purple Poppy with Four Animal Charms - Dog, Donkey, Horse & Camel
(b) 'Remember Their Service' Silver with Red & Purple Poppies

18. Vinyl Key Tags

(a) Giant Red Poppy
$5 each
(b) Australian Veteran Flag
$8 each
(c) 'Remember Their Service' Red/Purple Poppies
10 each


19. Metal Key Rings

$10 each

(a) 'We Remember' Tri Service
(b) 'Remember in November' Red Poppy
(c) Silver Heart with Red Poppy
(d) Red Poppy with Tri Service Silhouette in Gold

20. Commemorative Coins/Pennies

(a) 'Remember Vietnam' Bronze Penny
$5 each
(b) World War II Victory Penny (New For 2020)
$5 each
(c) Poppy & Rosemary Silver Penny
$8 each

21. Coffee Mugs

$11 each
All coffee mugs come boxed

(a) 'Remember Their Service' Poppy/Rosemary
(b) 'We will remember them' Field of Poppies

22. Poppy Stationery

(a) Hard Cover Notebook
$9 each
(b) Red/Purple Poppy Magnetic Notepad
$4 each


23. Drink Coolers

$8 each

(a) Light Horse
(b) Poppy/Rosemary
(c) WWII Victory
(d) Australian Veteran
(e) Afghanistan 'On Patrol'
(f) Smalls Arms of the Military
(g) 'Remember Our Veterans'
(h) Purple Poppy Animals in War

24. Plush Animals in War

$10 each
All have Embroidered Purple Poppy on their Hoof/Paw 

(a) Dog
(b) Donkey
(c) Horse
(d) Camel


25. Snow Globes

$20 each
Snow Globes come boxed - packed with polystyrene.

(a) Resting on Reversed Arms
(b) Charge at Beersheba


26. Poppy Jewellery

(a) 'In Loving Memory' Boxed Brooch
$15 each
(b) Poppy Bracelet
$17 each
(c) Poppy Bar Brooch
$10 each
(d) Red or Purple Poppy Earrings
$17 a pair

27. Gold or Silver Poppy Medallions Gift Boxed

A lovely gift

Super Special - to clear only $20 each



28. Bears of The Great War - Gift Boxed - Limited Edition

$129 each

(a) Sgt. Wilson
(b) Sr. O'Meara
(c) C. Pte Murray